[Hiring] Sweat Equity VP of Software Development ( C# / Remote Available)


Icarus Connect is looking for a strong developer with C# and Angular experience to join our time as a primary developer and founding employee. The team currently consists of the CEO and the CTO, both co-founders of the company, who have been doing a lot of the coding for the project. The project is a multi-tiered back-end system that connects to various APIs and aggregates data to a PostgreSQL database (driver and integration with C# app already complete), and a front-end Angular dashboard that pulls data into reports from PostgreSQL or Redis (using a foreign data wrapper to aggregate data into report format from PostgreSQL).

Position starts out including equity in the company. Compensation can be discussed on a candidate-by-candidate basis, but would prefer to defer non-equity compensation until the company starts to see income.

– Excellent communication skills
– A desire to be a leader
– An innovative thinker
– C#/.NET
– Angular.js
– Internet of Things (Optional: Would like for candidate to at least have an interest in IoT)
– Ability to work on a tight deadline for an Alpha product, and a more flexible deadline for a Beta and v1 product.

To apply, please send an E-Mail to contactus [at] icarusconnect [dot] com