[Press Release] Icarus Connect Partners With Monnit

Icarus Connect Inc., an industry leading cloud analytics platform for the Internet of Things, is proud to announce its newest partner, Monnit. Monnit is the leader in Low Cost Remote Monitoring Solutions and Wireless Sensing, allowing you to monitor your business or home from anywhere. Read more on what the new Monnit partnership means for Icarus Connect and its’ customers.

The Monnit partnership allows an expansion of the devices that the Icarus Connect platform supports. Icarus Connect, a platform that allows businesses and property management companies to link devices and monitor devices across different platforms and service providers, can now add the entire range of Monnit products as monitored devices. With 20+ sensor types and 100+ devices and sensors to choose from, this partnership greatly expands the raw data elements that the Icarus Connect platform can consume and report on. Using the powerful iMonnit API, Icarus Connect can provide near real time reporting and alerting on all Monnit devices.

What does this mean for the future of Icarus Connect? This partnership offers Icarus Connect the opportunity to customize and brand any of the Monnit sensors to meet the needs of Icarus Connect and its’ customers. The customization component will allow for more fine-tuning of the analytic reports, and the branding offers channel of revenue that has been untapped for Icarus Connect in the past. Additionally, the company will now be able to offer package bonuses at the time of customer acquisition to help expand a customers’ sensor net and provide more data elements upon which to monitor and report.

Are you excited about the Monnit Partnership? Contact Icarus Connect, today, and get a customized quote. Stop letting device data about your business or property hang out in the cloud, causing you to miss out on potential money savings and risk mitigation, and let Icarus Connect shed light on the mysterious Internet of Things. A team of experts is excited to remove the veil of mystic, and answer any questions you might have.